Harry Allen Design Diary


I spent the last two days in Northwestern Arkansas. I was invited to speak at the University of Arkansas Interior Design Department. They were great hosts. I was asked to critique Kimberley Furlong’s class in the afternoon. 


And then I lectured. These are the first arrivals in the amazing new red auditorium.


It filled up (thank god) and people seemed to enjoy my presentation. It was called “This is not Utopia: The Work of Harry Allen.”  Here is a link to the lecture:


The lecture was followed by a reception at the beautiful home of Carl Matthews, Head of the Interior Design Department. I met Carl at the U of Texas when I spoke there a few years ago and he followed up with this invite when he took over the department at UARK. It was dark and rainy so I didn’t take any pictures at the party. Too bad, it was fun.

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