Check out Supernet, a wastebasket made from a hardened basketball net. The project campaign successfully funded on Kickstarter in February. Supernets are scheduled for delivery in early fall 2021. Pre-order discounts can be had at

Happy New Year from Design Pavilion I finally got around to watching this New Year’s greeting from Design Pavilion and it put a huge smile on my face. Despite all of the horrors going on right now, its great to see all of creativity that has gone into Design Pavilion and all of the joy that it has produced. Another […]

Ode To New York

New York City needs design now more than ever. That’s why I’m proud to share my work as part of @NYCxDESIGN’s An Ode to NYC poster campaign. Drawing inspiration from Milton Glaser’s iconic “I LOVE NY” emblem, I designed a custom poster representing my love for New York City to help reenergize and inspire our […]

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