Harry Allen Design Diary

Highland Modern

John and I just got back from Aspen CO where the boarding was incredible and I admired the recently renovated Merry-Go-Round lodge at Aspen Highlands. Many of these great mid-century resort structures are being demolished to make way for faux alpine crap, so it was refreshing to see an appropriate renovation. The building has amazing lines – a low, lean A-frame with a glass facade.


I just read online that the renovation cost 5.8M! I think alot of it was structural, but I love the simple additions, like the corrugated core ten steel skirt around the outside.


Inside, the use of green materials and the globe lighting above the staircase looks great. I’m not sure what they were thinking with the overstuffed lounge furniture, but in general they kept the spirit of the original structure and moved on. Most importantly they saved the great photos of skiing celebrities, like Cher, and remounted them neatly on the walls.


It is one of my favorite structures in Aspen, and I am so glad they had the vision to save it.

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