Harry Allen Design Diary

My friend David Weeks

I am embarrassed to say that it took me this long to visit my good friend Davids Weeks new store. But last Thursday I finally made it down to Walker Street. I thought it was in Tribeca (no excuse), but its actually just south of Canal in the area that for years was where you went to buy art supplies – Pearl Paint, Space Surplus Metals, Canal Rubber. I hated trips down there as a student, fighting the crowds on canal, carrying all my supplies back on the subway. It was exhausting.

The block that David is on still has some old-school flavor. The dark storefronts reminded of times when Totem and the original Dune store were the only life down there. 

Davids space is warm, and refined, and filled with beautiful design.


Everyone was there, including Kimberly Oliver, below with David.


And the color-blocked gals – from l-r, David’s famous daughter, Rae; famous wife/designer, Georgie Stout; and famous lighting designer, Lindsey Adelman. 


Right now David is sharing the spotlight with wire-artist Rodger Stevens. Brass and Leather is the theme and its definitely worth the trip. 


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