Harry Allen Design Diary

Ode To New York

New York City needs design now more than ever. That’s why I’m proud to share my work as part of @NYCxDESIGN’s An Ode to NYC poster campaign. Drawing inspiration from Milton Glaser’s iconic “I LOVE NY” emblem, I designed a custom poster representing my love for New York City to help reenergize and inspire our city’s vibrant creative community. Discover my design as part of the #OdetoNYC collection displayed in several locations throughout the city–from design showrooms and retail stores to digital projections at @westfieldworldtradecenter and on board the @nyc_ferry fleet. Visit nycxdesign.com to explore the complete collection and see where you can find the posters in-person.The poster collection is now available for purchase on @posterhousenyc’s website, with proceeds going to The Black Artists+Designers Guild (@badguild). I was honored to be asked by Design Pavilion to represent them in this City-wide effort. New York City is one of the creative capitals of the world. A spirit of innovation and invention built the City, permeates all aspects of life in the City, and will carry it through this difficult time. As a long time New Yorker, I am fascinated by the plants that sprout up through the cracks, against all odds. Their will to live is inspirational and I thought a sprout might serve as a hopeful image of rebirth and reinvention. I look forward to the future of New York City. My Ode to NYC humbly tips a hat to Milton Glaser and his uncomplicated ‘I Love NY’ logo. One must admire the format: type + icon = message. Although a little green sprout is not nearly as iconic as the heart Mr. Glaser employed, I hope its message is as clear.

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