Harry Allen Design created a showroom to feature Corian, the solid surfacing material. Each series of installation expresses a unique quality of the material. Harry’s goal was to inspire other designers to work with Corian, and so he pushed the limits of this versatile project.

Arc in Times Square

The showroom “events” include the thermo-formed lighting fixtures that hang in a standard aluminum ceiling grid, an organic conference table, translucent window screens with an etched photograph, pressure molded cabinetry, a backlit color photo that was printed onto Corian using a dye-sublimation technique, and two displays demonstrating Corian’s wide color palette.


The centerpiece of the project is the conference table. As if it was chewing gum, the conference table is stretched into two lobes, right through a glass wall. The dynamic form demonstrates Corian’s pliable nature. 

To shade the conference room, five Corian panels roll on tracks. Utilizing a patented technology, the panels are etched with a translucent grayscale photograph – a photograph that was taken out these very windows. The decoration on the window treatment is literally the view out the window. When the sun shines, the panels light up and the photos come to life, and at the same time they provide adequate shading for video presentations.

The reception desk is decorated with inset text, which was filled with a high gloss epoxy and sanded smooth. The text is backlit with an electro-luminescent film. The adjoining console, which was built to hold material samples, is decorated with those same samples. It showcases the many available colors.  

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