Made from a hardened basketball net, Supernet is a bin for waste, recycling, or any sort of storage.

As with most great pieces of art or design, Supernet has layers of meaning. It starts with something very familiar, a basketball net, but when the net is abstracted and turned into a bin it becomes downright poetic.

Many things go into making a product successful. Form is a traditional design tool. Designers spend hours honing the shape of their creations. For Supernet the shape is inherent to the net. Basketball nets are beautiful objects, and their structure, once hardened, takes on a very modern, hyperboloid form.

In addition to form, we want all of our creations to function well. The function of a bin is pretty basic, but Supernet needed to be a bin everyone could love and use for years to come. To this end, we added an insert that retains smaller pieces of trash and more liquid messes. The insert is easily cleaned and emptied and can be replaced when it gets old. The inserts lifts out of the basket.

Many great designs are defined by their materials — take for example Eames bent plywood chairs, or Frank Gehry’s undulating steel roofs. Supernet’s material story is equally compelling. A found object, a basketball net, mimics the fiber in fiberglass. Its not a facsimile, a waste-basket that ‘looks like a basketball net,’ its an actual net! Even as we strive to produce a consistent project, each net will vary slightly, and each Supernet will essentially be unique. We don’t expect everyone to relate, but we find it poetic when material and manufacturing become an interesting part of a product’s story.

A sports icon transformed into a super-beautiful, super-functional bin.

Supernet in the bathroom
Supernet in the office

The Supernet Campaign funded on Kickstarter on February 11 2021

As thanks to everyone who supported the original kickstarter campaign, or supported the project in other ways, we compiled a list and put them in the Supernet Hall of Fame. Click through to see a list of our champions.


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