Hand Hooks are cast from the designer’s hands, mount to the wall, and hold a variety of things.

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Cast in polyester resin these unique wall hooks are meant to be mounted on the wall and depending on which one you buy, hold a variety of things. Bestow is not actually a hook, but it is probably the most magical of all. As the name implies this Hand Hook is making a generous gesture — holding forth either a bouquet of flowers or a candle to light the way. To do this, comes with two inserts, one that holds a candle and a glass insert for flowers.

With the Hand Hooks, Harry saw a logical connection between the way human hands hold things and the way wall hooks hold things, and he imagined this line of hand-shaped products. In true REALITY fashion they are all cast from life, from the designer’s hands, in resin, using rubber molds. The detail is astounding.

Hand Hooks were three of the original products Harry created when he started REALITY in 2003. REALITY, a series of products that are “sampled” from existing sources, push the boundaries of industrial design. Casting objects in a new material is an idea borrowed from the art world; it forces people to re-consider that which has been cast – to look anew at the structure of rope, the form of fruit, the texture of a human hand, or the coat of a pig.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10.375 × 6.75 × 5.125 in
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