Mexico: Day 10

The highlight of our final day in the jungle is the  feast prepared by Ofelia’s family of Pibipollo, a local dish made for special occasion of chicken inside a giant corn meal crust. The whole thing is roasted underground for hours and cut up like a pie to eat. Tortillas were prepared over an open […]

Mexico: Day 9

Thursday morning we visited Becán, and climbed the huge pyramid with a huge hangover. After, work continued in the shops and projects started to come together. One of my favs is a resting pod, made of vines, created by a young Spanish designer, Daniel.

Mexico: Day 7

On Tuesday we spent most of the day holed up in a palapa in the jungle. It was a little dark, but my workshop participants, Sandra, Andrea, Sebastian, Paulina and Paulina, got their ideas down on paper.

Mexico: Day 4

The morning started early at the University. The library building was beautiful in the early morning sunlight. It is covered with murals and the landscape is a very modern grid. Then I boarded a minivan to the Yucatan jungle with a group of students and teachers. We did 12 hours driving, watched “Silver Lining Playbook,” and […]

Mexico: Day 2

This morning I spoke at the Industrial Design College at UNAM, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. I showed my work and talked a bit about what I hope to accomplish on the Mayan Workshop. The school is just beautiful – a classic industrial design program with equipment to match. It is arranged around courtyards so each […]

Mexico: Day 1

I arrived in Mexico City yesterday for the Mayan Design Workshop. I will be leading a workshop in the jungle next week, but we will start here in Mexico City with a talk at UNAM, the school sponsoring the project. I had the afternoon and evening free to roam. I love Mexico City. Its low there […]

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