Harry Allen’s role as Creative Director of Design Pavilion, a yearly design exhibition in Times Square, presents challenges and opportunities. One of the biggest challenges is creating structures to house and shelter delicate installations.

Arc in Times Square

For the 2018 edition of Design Pavilion Harry reached out to a fellow designer and friend, Nick Crosby of InflateUK. Harry proposed creating a new inflatable structure to act as a centerpiece for Design Pavilion. Design Pavilion is, among other things, an incubator for new ideas. Nick was quick to say yes and the two started collaborating on ARC, a new structure that takes advantage of the best qualities of inflatable architecture, and will become a new offering in the Inflate line of products.


Arc in Times Square at Night
Arc's transparent panels let the outside in

One of the most important features of ARC is it’s semi-permeable nature. Harry’s experience as Creative Director led directly to this innovation. Temporary structures can get claustrophobic, and people come to Times Square, the launch location, to see the large digital screens. Harry addresses these issues with clear panels that let the outside in while maintaining a peaceful interior space.

The thoroughly modern and elegant lines of this new offering from Harry Allen Design for Inflate bring to mind shells, cocoons, and gothic arches. The contemporary structure is at home in both urban and rural settings. The most amazing feature is that it travels. All Inflate structures pack up tightly in boxes, ship around the world, and set up in hours.

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