Most efforts to develop environmentally responsible design fall short, so Harry Allen Design was pleased when Ecovative, a revolutionary player in the eco-material world, asked us to collaborate on a line of acoustic tiles made from their Myco Foam, a sound-absorbing foam grown from mushrooms.

Weave in oranges and reds

For inspiration, we looked to one of the greatest sound-deadening materials of all: woven fabric. Weave mimics the iconic structure of the most basic, or “plain” weave. Each unit is a simple wave that when assembled form an over-scale warp and weft. In addition to employing porous foam and soft fabric, the structure traps sound in its many cavities.

A Weave installation in New York

In the end, Harry Allen Design sought to create a completely compostable product. We paired Ecovative foam with a compostable fabric, Array, from Designtex, and the materials are joined with an equally innovative and environmentally-sound soy-based adhesive called Soy Skins, manufactured by e2e.

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