REALITY is a series of products that are ‘sampled’ from the world around us. This departure from form-based design pushes the boundaries of industrial design and offers consumers a new relationship to their furnishings. Casting objects in a new material is an idea borrowed from the art world, it forces people to re-consider that which has been cast – to look anew at the structure of rope, the form of fruit, or the texture of brushes. Using a technique that involves casting polyester resin in highly detailed silicone molds, we borrow from the world around us with precision. 

'Bank in the Form of a Pig' in Ultramarine Blue

Reality products have been in production with Areaware since 2005. We have made many products, all cast from life, in many colors. The images on this page are a random selection of products, not all are in production. 

'Grab' a Reality Hand Hook
Knotted Bowl
Turtle Boxes
Bank in the Form of a Pig, Pickup, and Roller Stop in Grey
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