Argentinian leather brand, Vacavaliente, manufactures primarily with recycled leather, a high-quality and eco-friendly material made by grinding up scraps from the leather industry and bonding the reclaimed material into sheets using a natural rubber. Looking to depart from the playful accessories that defined the brand early on, Vacavaliente employed Harry Allen Design, Paola Navone, and Cristián Mohaded to develop new product to be marketed under the name, Vacavaliente Collection.

Harry Allen Design worked closely with the brand to first identify a fertile product category, men’s accessories, and design the line. STACK, our line of wallets, is the first product to launch, to be followed by bags. To define the minimal, urban aesthetic the wallet was deconstructed into a stack of leather sheets. A simple stitch is the only detail and gives the product its function. This simple system allows for many variations going forward.

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