Tee Lamp, originally exhibited in 2011, is made from a hardened tee shirt. Inspired by ancient Roman statuary, the lamp is a study in negative space. The form it is made on is scanned from Harry Allen’s body, but of course in its final form the body is absent. The light  fills out the space where a person once was.
our first prototype of T-Lamp in Blue

Eventually we hope to add many different human shapes, sizes, sexes, and postures to the line. Tee shirts are one of the most iconic, ubiquitous garments of our age and they are also great conveyors of identity, so look forward to some messaging also! 

Each Tee Lamp is comprised of two shirts, to give them strength. Color and graphics are integral to the tees selected for use. Each is essentially unique and we are making them one by one in the Harry Allen studio. Please feel free to contact us for custom orders.

Available Tee lamps are displayed in the store.